I share The Three Principles through my art and through teaching and coaching. The Three Principles is an understanding that is universally true for all human beings and reveals the mental health and wellbeing that is available for everyone.  When we look in the direction of The Three Principles life starts to seem different. We naturally start seeing the miraculous in the ordinary.  This is an understanding that is just waiting for you to listen.  

During our conversations you will get an understanding of the truth behind the psychological nature of life and the freedom that this knowledge gives to all who listen.  The Three Principles are at work for everyone and understanding them will give you a whole new outlook on your life and the problems that you perceive within it.  


Your long held beliefs and negative behaviours can disappear leaving you to be your authentic self free from the negative thoughts and behaviours that may be holding you back.  These conversations can be held in short sessions of 1-2 hours or you can spend an extended time with me ususally around three days exploring the principles behind life whilst getting in touch with your own innate mental health and wellbeing.  

Seeing the truth behind life is a powerful and life changing experience and dissolves our long held stories about what is causing our unhappiness.  We learn how resiliant we are and that we can be new in every moment and live a full and happy life no matter what we have been through.  It is a truly liberating experience and I look forward to sharing them with you and showing you how different life can be when we see who we truly are.  I love sharing this understanding and I know deeply the life changing effects of seeing for yourself the truth of The Three Principles.  If you are interested in spending some time exploring the understanding then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Samantha Hurst is a registered practitioner on the 3pgc website

All bookings have to be paid in advance and there is a 7 day cancellation policy.  

No refunds will be given after this period.


Coaching Programme No.1

The Life Changer

A one to one coaching programme designed around you. You will get 4 face to face or Skype sessions per month over 3 months and I will give you support between our sessions. Using a programme is the best way to see real change and develop your understanding of The Three Principles and see a tangible difference in your life.  

Coaching Programme No.2

The Intensive

This is a powerful 3 day immersion into The Three Principles.  These can be taken at a location of your choice.  This is the most powerful way​ to see a transformation in your life.  You will spend three days on a journey of self discovery and get a deep and grounded understanding of The Three Principles.

You will also receive a follow up session.

Coaching Programme No.3

The Ground Breaker


You will start with a three day intensive and receive 25 hours of additional coaching hours to deepen your understanding and break through all your limiting beliefs and behaviours.

All of these programmes will change

how you see the world and your life. 

Art Immersion Days

This is a one to three day immersion experience where we will explore art and The Three Principles through painting and coaching.  You will get to create your own abstract piece of artwork to take home with you.​  This can be a fun and

enlightening day.  

No painting experience is necessary

Hourly Rates are available 

“How does one become a butterfly? You have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”


Trina Paulus