artist statement



I have been painting since 2011 becoming an artist almost ‘by accident’.  After a difficult time I had a strong desire to paint and to use colour, this was completely new to me. This deep desire for colour was so strong I could not ignore it.  I started to paint from a place where my intellect fell away and where to my surprise even in my darkest times my paintings were full of light.


My artwork started to sell and I continued to paint then in 2013 I came across The Three Principles.  This was a life defining moment. In February 2014 I had my first insight into Thought. It was spectacular and lasted for three days and in this space I created my artwork  “consciousness” .  I then realised that my work would be closely linked to my experiences of The Three Principles and I have been painting my insights ever since.  


When I look back I realise the principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness have transformed my life completely,  My mental torment fell away and I also had a clearer understanding of how I was creating my art. I had been painting from my connection to Mind without realising it.  


I had been painting from the inside out.


Today my work continues to evolve as does my understanding of how life really works.  I am continuing my journey into colour from a space of pre-concept.  I am not interested in the concepts which arise from the mind I am interessted in the space from which all thought arises.  When I get out of my own way my artworks appear.  When I go within and the colours are swirling through my mind and my paintbrush is in my hand it feels like magic is happening and in a way I think it is. 


With love Sam x



Breaking Out (2014) installed at Tower 42 in The City of London