Mental health training
for employers

During this two day immersive training we will explore the potential we all have inside of us to live a life far beyond the limitations we innocently create in our own minds and how mental health is available to all everyone.


This coaching immersion is for anyone who runs a business and has employees that they would like to help during times of crisis or when their staff may be going through a challenging time.

This training will give you the confidence to deal with issues whilst spotting the signs that would mean you would need to refer your staff onto someone who may help them further


During this course Samantha will dive deep into the truth of how all psychological experience is created. When you get a glimpse of how your experience of reality is actually created (as opposed to how it appears to be created), you have access to a simple and profound discriminator that can be transformational in all areas of your life.


There are many personal implications to seeing the simple truth of how your mind works and many implications of how it can help you manage and help your staff. These implications offer a world of greater psychological freedom and resilience, resulting in less on your mind, more presence, greater creativity and a more fulfilling experience of day to day life.


Join me for what we hope will be an inspiring two days of connecting to your innate wellbeing, wisdom and logic. 

This training can be booked on a one to one basis or in a group.


For more information or to book this training please get in touch with samantha on 07834416310 or email at