The Nature of Thought - An Exhibition

During my first solo exhibition I composed some words to help those who came to the show understand the true nature of thought. My first solo exhibition was a great success and I am looking forward to many more. Lots of people who came to the show said that the words i used within combined with the colourful art works really helped them. Here is the piece I had written. The Nature of Thought. Samantha Hurst How many thoughts do you have in day? Are any of them real? Do any of them scare you? What if you didn’t have to be scared of them any more? What if there was another way? Do you want the answer? The golden ticket? All you have to do is wake up to the fact that your thoughts are not real! They are a constant swirl of nonsense and chatter! They are the biggest lie that we believe! They are impostors! It is a liberating experience when you realise that your thoughts are not real. You can be set free from the beliefs that have imprisoned you through your limited thinking. You can look behind you again knowing there is nothing to be scared of. There is nothing hiding under the bed. It is all just thought. If you get one thing from this exhibition I would love it to be to not take your thoughts so seriously. To realise that they are not real. At times we can be consumed by our thoughts but they are false. They only have the power that you give them. No thought can make you..