Clear Mind Academy meets Samantha Hurst

Samantha Hurst talks to with Clear Mind Academy ahead of her London exhibition on 10th December 2014. “…painting was coming from a place of inspiration, from source” Samantha talks to Louise Storey of Clear Mind Academy about how she came across the 3 Principles understanding from a personal perspective and then became further inspired when she discovered how the principles were playing out and connecting her to an inner source of creativity as she painted. A memorable Insight in February 2014 really started her journey into the 3 Principles. Her understanding has impacted not only her painting but also her outlook on life. When painting Samantha hands over to mind, she sees herself as “an instrument of mind.” She reflects on how her first paintings were very intense, wild and bright but they have now settled down and whilst they can sometimes still be intense and bright they frequently change, clearly demonstrating the beautiful nature of the journey we are all part of. Nothing stays the same. A deeper understanding of the 3 Principles has impacted her work. She talks about an example of her initial insights into consciousness and creating a purple-orange piece of work, a piece she sees as reflecting fire. She remembers the moment of “pure bliss, she felt whilst creating this painting.”Its one of my favourite paintings because of the moment it represents.” Her understanding of the 3 Principles journey continued and she talks about “becoming stuck with the understanding of Mind” – an ingrained spiritual belief system presented a scary and difficult time, letting go of beliefs which had provided her security in understanding how...

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