The London Exhibition

My first London exhibition happened yesterday. The Art in Living from Mind was an exhibition of my art work in the heart of the city. It was interesting to see how my art was received in this busy London location. It went very well with the centrepiece looking great in the foyer of Tower 42 (see photo). It received lots of interest and sold in the afternoon. It was interesting to see that even though everyone seemed to be very busy rushing around some of them took the time to view the art causing them to settle down in their thinking for a short time. One of the reasons I do these exhibitions is to try and get people to stop for a moment and think about their thinking. To share my understanding of The Three Principles and the true nature of our human experience. We are all so caught up in our thinking and this is more than evident when viewing those who are working in The City of London. Viewing art can open us up to the moment and to the idea of being available to view something new both externally (the art) and internally (the experience). In this new space we are open to new ideas and possibilities and that is why i feel it is a great way to share the principles through art. The moment is precious and we all need to be reminded of this at times. I hope my time in London yesterday helped some people reflect for a moment on this and to take time out of their busy day to...

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