Ordinary Miracles.

I often notice how when people first hear about The Three Principles they do not understand how listening to how life really works can have any effect on them at all and to be honest this is how I felt when I first heard about them. We are so used to ‘doing’ that this 'listening only' universal truth can seem like another modality that will provide at best a temporary fix but when we really listen and look deeper at the truth of being human miracles do occur. Not always with bells and whistles on but often in the small things where we do something that we thought we were scared of without even realising and do not notice until after the event or we see that something from our past no longer has the power to dictate how we feel or who we are. We can even start to find joy in what used to seem mundane, I remember joy finding me one day as I was peeling the potatoes, go figure!

This does not mean we do not on occasion fall into feeling bad but even my experience of that seems radically different. I used to fall into the deep waters of my feelings and often find myself drowning unable to cope and shutting down my life in order to regain some sense of normality. During this time I would investigate what I needed to fix to be okay, I was forensic in my pursuit of finding out what was wrong with me and I always came up with an exhaustive list. In this time consuming pursuit of a better me I only ever found temporary relief. The reason for this is that I had been looking in the wrong direction. I had to turn away from the me I thought I was to know the truth of who I really am. I was never going to find it trying to fix an illusory personality that was never broken. It was in the true self that the answers had always existed.

How is this different now I understand the profoundly simple truth behind life? Of course I still fall in the water of bad feelings on occasion but I now let the water carry me. There is no forensic search for what is wrong, no being broken and needing fixing. Being carried by the water is a very different experience. It allows me to get on with life even with low feelings and know that at some point my thoughts and feelings will change on their own. I no longer identify these feelings as saying anything about who I am, they are just visitors and I no longer drown in them as I now know I am just bathing in the ebb and flow of life. When feelings of sadness or fear occur I know that feelings of joy, love and happiness are not far away. So now when people say to me how can these Principles make a difference I just try to point them back to the truth and if the time is right they will see what I have seen and they will experience ordinary miracles for themselves.

With Love

Sam x