I had the amazing privilege of another session with Sam last week wow what can I say, I had a moment of pure bliss and clarity. However well I understand the Principles when I am with Sam I have a shift which I cannot describe but to say it is pure happy emptiness. Thank you for sharing I will be seeing you again soon.



I know I keep saying it but this is so wierd it's kind of spooky but something you have been saying to me about the thoughts of the person I used be and although I knew what you were saying was true and made sense something still didn't connect but just now it sort of fell into place and I really felt that what you have been telling me is true and I mean really felt it, to the point it made me smile and cry at the same time . I hope you can understand how much this all means to me, I have been living with that heaviness for years and at last something is starting to shift. Thank you.


Thank you! I'm really glad I found out about the work you do or else I'd still be having panic attacks and hating myself. And to think all we did was talk about the principles, and it has changed my life! It seems so simple but yet it's so incredible! I can't thank you enough for helping to bring this out of me and help me realise I'm not broken.




Sam I just wanted to thank you from my heart, for a truly profound life changing experience with you on our 3 days intensive.  Sam the love just flows from you and just being in your presence is a gift in itself. The 3 days are beyond words that I could write on here, but the change in my life is truly from the inside out. You have the gift of presence, of love, of patience and of understanding. In our work together we would chat away and me driving you mad with questions and you just have that gift of making it make sense. The insights I had were so mind blowing literally and the laughter brilliant. There were times when I struggled with understanding the 3Ps but as always you made it so simple I would end up laughing at myself over and over again.  Sam you are a dream to work with and look forward to our continued deeping of my understanding. 






At some point during your Morning in Mind meetings a place of peace is reached followed by a feeling of joy that carries through for a few days, and then I find myself tapping in consciously and bringing it back from time to time throughout the month.  So this is a true testament of your skillfully imparted wisdom.




I have changed since our meeting, its hard to explain, but I don't need as much sleep and feel so positively different. So for all this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.




Sam's passion for the three principles is evident. She handled questions with ease and provided a safe space for conversation, giving us the time to absorb what for most of us were new ideas, ones that can't be readily understood by the intellect.  A really lovely group session and I can feel my understanding deepening with every day that passes. I recommend coming along to a group session with an open mind and allowing new ideas to enter your consciousness.




   I am feeling grateful . Thoughts ,emotions and worries I have been hanging onto for many years are coming up to the surface and I have allowed them to fly by like the birds you mentioned. Its a good feeling but cannot put it into words at the moment how I am feeling. Deep gratitude and love.




Spent a wonderful day with Sam immersed in the 3p's with a view to creating some art. I had been thinking about doing more art for 2 years. I arrived with an unhelpful agenda and a lot of thinking about worthiness. We talked, laughed, cried & looked at the ridiculousness of all the made up thinking one can have .. at the end of the day "we are talking about putting paint on a canvas."  I love Sam's down to earth & loving approach .. Loved spending time in this way and came away feeling lighter & proud of the art I created that day. Thank you Sam for your friendship, for a lovely day & pointing me back home.